Music Room
The music room is equipped with quality string percussion and keyboard instruments, allowing children to tap into their musical talent. Well qualified music teacher guides the students in their musical pursuit.
Art Room
A platform to exhibit the creativity of the students. Working in arts helps learners to develop creative problem skills. It helps in enhancing the creativity and imagination of the students. We have well equipped air conditioned art room for the kids.
Science Lab
Science is a natural and fundamental part of our lives. It helps children to understand the world around them. In order to understand the concepts of science, one has to look beyond the books and learn through practical investigation. A well stocked lab equipped with all instruments and apparatus to help students learn the concepts and understand them.
Library has a good collection of books on a whole range of subjects like arts, literature, science and general knowledge. Number of books suited with the interest and aptitude of the students of different age groups with its calm and beautiful atmosphere, where students can go and enhance their knowledge by self learning habit. Students are encouraged to make use of this facility extensively and develop the habit of reading good books.
Computer Lab
Technology plays an important role in twenty first century education. The computer lab serves as the center for teaching computer use to whole classes, by specialist computer teachers.Computer is an Integral part of our life as everyone has to deal with it in day to day working. Therefore, students are trained not only to be computer proficient but to be computer savvy. The lab has modern PCs connected to high speed Internet, supervised by well trained teachers . Apart from doing regular class work, students may also access the lab for their project work.Computer Lab is fully airconditioned, equipped with 25 mbps broadband internet, wi-fi enabled, computers with TFT monitors, scanners, printers, UPS and other computer peripherals.
Smart Class
We have fully air conditioned classrooms with access of smart board . It helps the teachers to access multimedia content and information ,that can be used for teaching students more effectively. It helps the teachers in visual presentation of subject content and expressing their views helps the students in understanding the concepts. A well designed module allows a student to visualize the concept much better than static images.
School, auditorium, equipped with the most modern audio visual facilities and a great seating capacity, hosts various events including annual day, inter class competition, workshop, cultural festivals , annual plays, career fair etc. it gives an exposure to students in showcasing their talents and groom their inborn virtues.
The School building is located in Model Town III, Delhi-09