Principal Desk

A beautiful trim body may attract people but if it is devoid of the grey matter the impression will not last. Aristotle aptly compared the uneducated to the dead and educated to the living. The best category of people discuss ideas and innovate.

As a student, read books, journals, visit galleries, museums, write, create, draw, compose, carve, play an instrument all in moderation. For those who wish to be successful, there is no substitute to hard work. Aim high and set your target at the seemingly impossible. Always say I Can. Like, an aeroplane or a train have a direction and a goal because the longest journey the toughest expedition and the most hazardous safari all began with first step. Be a philanthropist by giving your best to society.

The hand that gives roses is automatically perfumed. I would consider myself lucky if my students achieve the ultimate, the impossible and the best. 

Make the best use of life. Don’t shrink in the dark and the cold. Work for something better for society. Care for others, make difference in lives of other for good. It will definitely make you happy and add to your success. Make learning by thinking and doing as the mantras to broaden your horizons. Make your arms those of steel. Life is a golden opportunity and the future depends on the use.

With warm wishes to the staff & students.
Ms. Ruby Sandhir
Former Principal (16/01/1995-31/08/2018)