About School

A few noble philanthropists sacrificed their personal pleasures in the service of humanity, with whose hard work, dedication and compassion, Dayanand Public School, a unit of Arya Samaj Model Town III, was established in the year 1985.Without any strong industrial or business backbone to support, today the school stands tall and proud with its wings spread to Primary, Middle and Secondary classes.

The School was recognized up to VIII in 1991 and was upgraded to Secondary level by the Directorate of Education in 1996.The school was affiliated with CBSE to Secondary level in 1997 and is providing its services to around one thousand students. "To whose inspiration, devotion and energy the inception of this school is due" Dayanand Public School is run along the lines of the best schools in the educational practices. Students here acquire an excellent education in a rich Indian context, grow up rooted in our core values to further graduate to take on the changing world´s challenging demands as they pursue higher studies in top universities in India and worldwide.

Despite its extremely modest beginnings, the school has carved out a niche for itself on the educational scenario with high academic standards and excellence in various co-curricular activities. With its mission for all round development of students the school integrated its activities in all spheres such as - sports, public speaking, drama, recitation, creative writing, music, dance, fine arts etc.

Training Methods Training and exposing young minds through different media like camps, tours, leadership programmes, cultural meets, workshops, cross country races, cycling expeditions and so on, the school won many trophies and much acclaim. Take any platform, Inter-school, District, State, National or International level, our children have proved themselves the best and have brought honour and laurels for themselves in National Debates, Technology, Science & Mathematics, Social Science, Quiz, Art, Music, Sports or Band.

Dayanand Public School, Model Town has always emerged as one of the best school. The school has received active co-operation from the C.B.S.E. & the Education Department, North -West Delhi, educating around one thousand students by approximately 40 competent teachers.